Tank Cure For more than 25 years valued as a top product by professional users and private restorers

Tank Cure is a solvent-free 2-component epoxy coating with excellent fuel and oil resistance. Beyond very specific product information, we offer a lot of general information on applying coatings to seal gasoline and oil tanks. A problem that often comes up with members of vintage motorcycle and moped clubs is a gasoline tank that is rusting, porous from the inside and/or leaking. Treating it by hand, such as rust spots on the outside, is obviously impossible.

Often, enthusiasts of these vintage mopeds have to look for a used tank. However, these are becoming increasingly scarce and therefore more expensive. There is another sustainable solution. With the Tank Cure System, the tank can be repaired properly and permanently. Not only will rust be counteracted, any holes will also be sealed. Tank Cure is a product of Poly Service and has been used successfully in several European countries since 1994.